TEIN Super Racing Circuit (SRC) Honda S2000 Testing

Buttonwillow Raceway 13CW track configuration is a very famous race track for time attacking in California.  It's trademark rough surface, rhythmic driving line, elevation changes, and various types of corners make it one of the most demanding tracks in the world.  It is here where many different suspension systems and aero setups are developed and put to the test.  Breaking the 2-minute mark on the 13CW configuration using street tires (140TW+) is the guideline for a fast driver and properly setup car.



CSG's sponsored driver, Ryan Houck, takes his 2009 Honda S2000 out to Buttonwillow with our CSG Spec valved TEIN Super Racing Circuit (SRC) coilovers on 16kg/mm springs.  Prior to this setup, Ryan was on KW Variant 3 coilovers and wanted to compare the KWs to the newly acquired TEIN SRCs.  Needless to say, Ryan broke into the 1:59s during his suspension testing, making him the first street tired (140 TW+), naturally aspirated S2000 on factory OEM aero additions to break the 2 minute barrier.  Check out Ryan's 1:59 video below!


CSG Sponsored Driver: Ryan Houck
Car: 2009 Honda S2000 - Grand Prix White
AP2 OEM Front Lip
S2000 CR OEM Wing
Bolt-in Rollbar
Berk Technology 63mm Test Pipe
J's Racing 60RS SUS Single Exhaust
Bronze Volk CE28N 17x10
Hankook RS3 255/40/17
CounterSpace Garage Aluminum Lug Nuts M12x1.5
TEIN SRC - CSG Spec Coilovers

Berk Technology 63mm Test Pipe - S2000 - $99.99
CounterSpace Garage Aluminum Lug Nuts M12x1.5 - $190.00
TEIN SRC - CSG Spec - S2000 Coilovers - $4343.75