• CSG Spec Brake Pads Customers Breaking Records at Circuit of the Americas

    CSG staff was on-site at Circuit of the Americas for the first round of Super Lap Battle in 2021, supporting customers of CSG Spec Motorsports Brake Pads in several classes.

    Congratulations to PhD Motorsports who were able to reset two different track records using CSG Spec Motorsports Brake Pads:

    • Jackie Ding / A90 Supra: GTA Street Class Record 
    • Mary Valdez / FK8 CTR: GTA FWD Enthusiast Class Record

    CSG Racer Contingency Program in 2021

    Are you participating in Club Racing, Time-Attack or Competitive Auto-Cross this season? Write us to and get details about our Racer Contingency Program in 2021!

  • Big Brake Kits for Toyota GR Supra A90 from AP Racing

    CSG is now offering the new Essex-designed AP Racing BBKs for the 2020+ Toyota GR Supra (A90)!

    The new Supra is deceptively quick and experienced drivers are likely to max out the capacity of OEM brakes when running high grip street tires like Bridgestone RE71R, Yokohama Advan A052 on wider aftermarket wheels. Therefore, for serious racing and time attack applications, investing into a big brake kit and motorsports-grade brake pads like our CSG Spec C2 is a must.

    We have put together a cheat sheet comparing the different AP Racing BBK options for the A90 Supra :

    If you'd like to order any of these kits, or need assistance choosing the right combination, please contact us!

    The new Essex / APRacing Radi-CAL II 380 x 36 mm front BBK for A90 Toyota Supra




  • Brake pads for Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 M40i - Street, Track and Autocross!

    The latest addition to our line of CSG Spec brake pads is the CP compound: a premium solution for dual-purpose, daily driven road cars, suitable for track days and autocross with low levels of dust, noise and wear.

    Front CSG Spec CP brake pads for the Toyota Supra GR (A90)  and BMW Z4 M40i (G29) are available today, with pads for the real axle coming soon. For track-focused builds and motorsports applications, we will soon have stock of CSG Spec C2 Front brake pads for A90 Supra and G29 Z4 M40i as well —don't hesitate to contact us to be first in line when they hit the shelves.

    The CSG Spec CP brake pads were recently put to the test in a competitive environment by Jackie Ding, a well-known racer in the North American Time Attack scene. See Jackie go on maximum attack mode with his brand new Toyota Supra at Toronto Motorsports Park on stock tires and CSG Spec CP brake pads on YouTube.

  • CSG Spec brake pads - How long do they last?

    While brake pad life and wear rate is dependent on many variables, in our own extensive testing, we found that CSG Spec brake pads outlasts many of the competing pads by up to 2.5x the life:



    In addition to superior life, CSG Spec pads also provide very consistent characteristics across a wide range of working temperatures. You can find full specifications and friction charts for CSG Spec Sprint & Endurance brake pads on our site.

  • Introducing CSG Spec Brake Pads

    CSG Spec brake pads

    We are proud to announce the launch of CSG Spec brake pads to the general public!

    CSG Spec brake pads have been developed to meet the specific demands of customers in GT Racing, One Make Racing, Time Attack, etc. where off the shelf products were often inadequate.

    The result is a line of sprint & endurance friction materials which offer superior peak brake performance, pedal stability, braking control, higher fade resistance and lower wear.


    We have lots of sizes in stock, with many more applications available upon request:

    Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ brake pads for standard calipers
    Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ brake pads for performance package brembo calipers
    Ford Mustang GT350 track day brake pads
    Ford Focus RS Mk3 track day brake pads
    Nissan GTR R35 track day brake pads
    Mitsubishi Evolution Lan Evo 6 7 8 9 track day brake pads
    APRacing 8350 stoptech st40 st45 wilwood superlite brake pads

  • Winmax Brake Pads

    CounterSpace Garage (CSG) is known to test a variety of compounds on the market and helps identify specific application needs for clients all over the world.  With this specialized knowledge, CSG is able to help competitors achieve their maximum potential without concern.  Brake setups are very complex, like any other parts of the car, and each application is tailored to the driver's skill set, car setup, conditions, applications, and the peak potential.


    Winmax is an excellent brake company that we have worked with in order to bring another brake option to the table for drivers seeking a pad that provides great modulation, heat capacity, stability, and quality on top of a reasonable price point.  Today, we look into Winmax's W-series lineup and a quick spec list of each pad to suit your application.  As always, contact CSG for a quick consultation on the proper pad setup to go with in order to maximize your braking potential for your specific application.


    Winmax W1 and W2 pads are exclusive to street applications.  As noted, the temperatures are excellent for street use with excellent pad life.


    Winmax W3 is a great all around pad for street and spirited driving use.  It can hold up to novice level track abuse due to its stable compound mix, however, it is best to use this pad for more street use than for the track.  Always use track pads for the track!


    Winmax W4 pad is a very linear pad with a higher friction coefficient than W3.


    Winmax W5 and Winmax W6 pads are the dedicated track pads that we recommend for track use.  Winmax W6 and Winmax W7 should always be used with high grip tires to maximize its potential.  Having too high of a bite without the right tires can cause the tires to lockup easily and cause flat spotting for cars without ABS.  Cars with ABS can easily engage the ABS and cause overheating.  In other words, MORE bite and HIGHER friction compounds don't always mean better!

    Please contact us on what pad setup will work best for your application.


    Don't hesitate to check out our website to see a variety of Winmax pads that we can offer. If you don't find the right pads for your application, please contact!

    Winmax Brake Pads - CSG

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