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  • Introducing Pakelo Lubricants - High Performance Engine Oils & Fluids

    CSG is proud to carry Pakelo Lubricants for high performance road car & racing applications.

    Pakelo's car lubricants are made in Italy and are characterised by a very high quality of the base stocks and use of latest generation chemicals. Professional racing teams like Risi Competizione trust Pakelo for their lubrication needs.

    A full range of specific oils ensure a perfect match for the application. Pakelo engine fluids are  divided into four distinct series: Racing, Premium, Regular or Classic.

    Pakelo Lubricants range

    Have a look at our Pakelo Lubricants high-performance oils in stock or contact us to help you choose the right oil for your use case.


  • Our Black Friday 2020 Deals

    Our annual Black Friday sale is here! Be sure to check out all the deals for this year, valid through Monday 30!

    Note: Only one coupon can be applied to each individual order. If you have special shipping or invoicing requirements, don't hesitate to contact us at

    The CSG Team

  • Is Your Car Too Loud for Laguna Seca Sound & Noise Limits?

    Monterey County's sound limit ordinance for Laguna Seca requires most track day events held there to adhere to a strict 90 dB sound limit.

    During the majority of track days held at Laguna Seca, cars whose noise levels are measured to be over the 90dB threshold get a mechanical flag for a sound violation. See the "donut" flag three times, and you're finished for the day. A popular workaround is lifting or coasting while approaching the sound booth, located between turns 5 and 6. However, it's not unusual for the staff to perform checks with a mobile mic unit from other turns.

    Many sports cars sold in the US market are already too loud for Laguna's sound limit in stock form.  For example, all of the following models in stock or showroom trim are known to get flagged at Laguna Seca for being too loud:

    Days with cloudy or foggy atmospheric conditions can make compliance with limits even harder, as sound bounces off the cloud layer.

    Laguna Seca Sound Booth Location Map


    Making your modified Toyota GR 86, Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S pass Laguna Seca sound test

    While the Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S are rather quiet from factory, just adding an aftermarket cat-back exhaust will typically increase sound levels beyond what's permitted at Laguna Seca.

    CSG has co-developed several exhaust solutions to keep output under a 90 dB threshold without considerable loss of power or response:


    Both the ACE Laguna 90 and the CSG MXP Touring86 exhaust are proven to pass Laguna 90dB days with either Turbo or Supercharger kits, plus ACE header and ACE front pipe.

    For applications where a higher limit of 100dB is present, you take advantage of additional weight savings by fitting the ACE Laguna 100 Exhaust:

  • We're Open!

    CSG is taking orders, shipping products & providing remote tuning services during the lockdown in California.

    While we have many items in stock, there may be delays in shipping for some of the merchandising.

    Please reach out to us at for any questions!

  • Now Sponsoring BimmerChallenge

    CSG Spec is proud to sponsor BimmerChallenge time-attack series in 2020 with a contingency program and special racer pricing on CSG Spec brake pads and other select parts and tuning services for BMW M cars.

  • Black Friday

    Use the coupon TURKEYSPEC at checkout to save this Black Friday!



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