• New Tuning Platforms Available

    We are expanding the platforms we can expertly tune with Ecutek, whether remote or on-site with our dyno tuning service:

    Some of the latest BMW cars will require the use of our DME Unlock service before they can be tuned.

    These platfoms join our existing successful tuning services:


  • Now Sponsoring BimmerChallenge

    CSG Spec is proud to sponsor BimmerChallenge time-attack series in 2020 with a contingency program and special racer pricing on CSG Spec brake pads and other select parts and tuning services for BMW M cars.

  • Hot Lap: F80 BMW M3 at Circuit of the Americas

    CSG's test driver took a mildly modified 2016 BMW M3 (F80) to Circuit of the Americas (COTA) to compete in Super Lap Battle's Street Class.

    The car was stock except for an upgraded cooling package, wheels and tires:

    • CSF Heat Exchanger
    • CSF Charge Air Cooler (intercooler)
    • CSF DCT cooler
    • RAYS GramLights 57CR 19 x 10.5 +35 Gun Blue wheels
    • Bridgestone RE71R, 285/35/19 all around
    • 13mm spacers in front

    Although the build was not competitive for the class, it let CSG evaluate the limits of the stock suspension and brakes. CSG confirmed that the base F80 M3 lap times are handicapped by its rear traction issues, which are apparent even when equipped with sticky Bridgestones!

    The mass of the BMW M3 demands a lot from the braking system. If you're driving your own F80 M3 or F82 M4 on track, we recommend you use a high performance brake fluid and also consider the use of our CSG Spec brake pads for BMW applications.



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