Buttonwillow 13CW Testing

It almost feels like yesterday, but our testing on TEIN Super Racing Circuit (SRC) coilovers on our BRZ yielded some amazing results.  TEIN SRCs is TEIN's motorsports grade 2-way adjustable compression/rebound suspension kit.  On the first day of testing on the very first set of TEIN SRCs in the US, we lapped an amazing 2:01 with just Hankook RS3s and worn brake pads (the TEIN R&D Engineer was sitting shotgun with our beloved CSG driver).  That lap record was held for nearly a year before it was finally taken down by Maxrev's Street Tuned BRZ, also fitted with TEIN SRCs.  An amazing feat for Toyota/Subaru's much anticipated sports car, as well as, a testament to the capabilities of TEIN's SRC 2-way adjustable coilover.

Since then, we have been the street tire record holders for multiple Southern California tracks with only three basic modifications to our car: TEIN SRC coilovers, Hankook RS3s, and Project Mu 999 Front/Rear brake pads.  We eventually added the Essex AP Sprint Kit to reduce our brake pad consumption from all the testing, driving instruction, and joy rides we have provided to the community.

Check out a video of our Maxxis RC-1 testing in the winter of 2012 when we ran a 2:00 and nearly broke into 59s on the first day of testing:


TEIN Super Racing Circuit - BRZ/FRS - $3930.00
Project Mu 999 Front - BRZ/FRS - $300.00
Project Mu 999 Rear - BRZ/FRS - $300.00
Essex AP Racing Sprint Competition Kit - BRZ/FRS - $2099.00
Project Mu 999 - AP Racing CP8350 Caliper - $348.33