Long Beach Time Attackers choose CSG Spec brakes

Global Time Attack's special event at the 2021 Long Beach Grand prix has been a highlight for the time attack scene this year. The Long Beach street circuit has nine braking zones and is rather unforgiving due to track limits enforced by walls... lots of walls!

As a reference, IndyCar drivers here can spend upwards of 20% of the whole lap on the brakes. Having a braking system solution that is consistent and you can trust lap after lap is key to fast lap times here. With varying levels of surface roughness and bumpiness along the circuit, and corners where deep trail-braking are necessary like Turn 11 hairpin, you also want excellent modulation capability from your brakes to avoid lock-ups and being able to accurately place the car while decelerating and turning.

A quick report from CSG's braking specialists who were on-site to support their customers on CSG Spec brake pads:

Jackie Ding in the PhD Racing Lab A90 Toyota GR Supra used a combination of specialty CSG brake compounds to navigate the Long Beach Grand Prix and take the GTA Street Class win with a 1:27 lap time. More impressively, this was the 4th overall fastest lap behind the Unlimited Class monsters like the 9.0L Viper, the Lyfe Nissan GT-R, and the Feras carbon twin turbo Corvette!

Steven Chan took P1 in GTA Limited Class in his massive Nissan GT-R! This R35 is using our CSG C21/C11 compounds, truly a perfect showcase of the consistency and capacity for slowing down the  relatively chonky GT-R lap after lap with confidence. CSG pads for the Nissan GT-R are in stock and ready to ship!

Evasive Motorsports chose the CSG Spec C21/C11 pads for their last GTA competition day at Long Beach Grand Prix, inserting them into the StopTech STR-60 / STR-42 big brake kit package in their sexy looking Voltex Honda S2000. GPLB's was the perfect proving grounds to validate the friction material and brake balance before the final races of the 2021 time attack season.

Due to some power steering and gearbox issues, the insane CSF Cooling Mitsubishi Evolution driven by Randy Pobst could not show its true speed potential at Long Beach. Still, our proven CSG Spec C21 / C11 package allowed this Evo to brake from triple digits with confidence every single time.

Early in 2021, we had a chance to interface with WRD Racing and their amazing GTA Limited Class Honda Prelude driven by Will Drees (aka iLLWiLLeM). Power figures were astronomical and simply amazing...somewhere along the lines of 700HP+ with hopes of making 900HP!After outgrowing their previous braking solution at COTA / Circuit of the Americas during GTA, the CSG C21/C11 combo was deployed in StopTech ST40 front BBK & OEM rear fitment, along with a new Bosch ABS unit. After this change, the driver felt incredibly confident on the brakes and couldn't believe how the car could generate over 1.7Gs on 200TW Yokohama A052 at the low grip street course. We can't wait to see what this car can do at GTA 2021 Finals and beyond!

Almost mild-looking by Time Attack standards, yet fast enough to take 2nd place in GTA Street Class behind Jackie Ding's Supra. Johnny's first time on the CSG C21 pads for the front StopTech ST60 brake kit proved to be the game changer for his bullish attack at Long Beach. This mean Subaru STI was one of the few cars able to go all out for the duration of every time attack session, ultimately allowing for a fantastic, hard earned P2 in one of the more competitive classes.