Winmax Brake Pads

CounterSpace Garage (CSG) is known to test a variety of compounds on the market and helps identify specific application needs for clients all over the world.  With this specialized knowledge, CSG is able to help competitors achieve their maximum potential without concern.  Brake setups are very complex, like any other parts of the car, and each application is tailored to the driver's skill set, car setup, conditions, applications, and the peak potential.


Winmax is an excellent brake company that we have worked with in order to bring another brake option to the table for drivers seeking a pad that provides great modulation, heat capacity, stability, and quality on top of a reasonable price point.  Today, we look into Winmax's W-series lineup and a quick spec list of each pad to suit your application.  As always, contact CSG for a quick consultation on the proper pad setup to go with in order to maximize your braking potential for your specific application.


Winmax W1 and W2 pads are exclusive to street applications.  As noted, the temperatures are excellent for street use with excellent pad life.


Winmax W3 is a great all around pad for street and spirited driving use.  It can hold up to novice level track abuse due to its stable compound mix, however, it is best to use this pad for more street use than for the track.  Always use track pads for the track!


Winmax W4 pad is a very linear pad with a higher friction coefficient than W3.


Winmax W5 and Winmax W6 pads are the dedicated track pads that we recommend for track use.  Winmax W6 and Winmax W7 should always be used with high grip tires to maximize its potential.  Having too high of a bite without the right tires can cause the tires to lockup easily and cause flat spotting for cars without ABS.  Cars with ABS can easily engage the ABS and cause overheating.  In other words, MORE bite and HIGHER friction compounds don't always mean better!

Please contact us on what pad setup will work best for your application.


Don't hesitate to check out our website to see a variety of Winmax pads that we can offer. If you don't find the right pads for your application, please contact!

Winmax Brake Pads - CSG