Cusco Jack Assist Ramp Set

Most sports cars are designed with a low ride in mind and sometimes getting that floor jack under the car is a challenge.  Fear not, Cusco has brought its newest product to the market: the Jack Assist Ramp Set.

This ramp set is unlike the ramp sets you see on the market.  It features a detachable 2-piece design that allows for easy storage especially for those who seek a compact design to haul tools to the track.  Due to the detachable nature of these ramps, the length of the ramp and mild climb angle can be maximized to allow low cars to clear the ramps.  The ramps are made from strong ABS plastic which is not only tough and resilient, but also very light.  On top of these great features, the ramp sets are made in Japan, where quality control on materials and manufacturing is simply world class!

Cusco Jack Assist Ramp Set - MSRP: $98