How Does Ecutek Tuning Work? Guide for Toyota GR 86 + Subaru BRZ (FA24 FA20), Toyota Supra (B58 B48)

CSG can help you extract the most out of your race car's engine with our tuning services. CSG Spec tuning offers custom tuning application specific to the vehicle requirements through EcuTek tuning suite. Custom tunes are made from the ground up and cannot be shared to another platform, allowing for a truly customized experience for you. This customized tuning service is specific for your vehicle.

We use the EcuTek platform to remotely tune the vast majority of our customer cars. Here's how it works.

If you already own all or some of the EcuTek licenses and hardware, you don't need to puchase them again. Our Custom Tuning Service packages can be ordered with EcuTek licenses and hardware add-ons.

EcuTek tuning: using a smartphone or a laptop?

Starting in 2021, it is now possible to flash EcuTek ROMs directly from your iPhone or Android device. Many users find this more convenient than using a Windows Laptop. Advanced users and track-side engineers will prefer using a PC Laptop for flashing, data-logging and analysis.

Smartphone-based Tuning and Data-Logging requirements:

PC Laptop-based Tuning & Data-Logging requirements:

You can specify which licenses and EcuTek hardware you require while configuring our Custom Tuning Services for Toyota GR 86 / Subaru BRZ (FA24, FA20 engines) or Toyota Supra / BMW Z4 (B58, B48 engines). Example of choices for a 86/BRZ Custom Tune package:


Dyno Tuning

Do you have a special project that requires on-site dyno tuning? We offer dyno tuning services on a case by case basis in the San Diego area (Southern California). Please contact us for more information on dyno tuning.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does CSG's custom tuning service offer?

In our experience and extensive database of data acquired through thousands of hours of track testing and dyno R&D, "canned" tunes or "base" maps are never an "one-size fits all". Immediate gratification can be experienced quick base maps, but bespoke tunes specific to each modification list and individual vehicle is important to optimize and maintain consistency. Through extensive test parameters, we are able to develop maps that provide smoother power delivery, better modulation, improved drivability, stable power improvements, and better consistency under stress. No one wants a one-pull wonder, but everybody wants something that's repeatable and useful, especially on the racetrack.


How long does the remote tuning service take?

We usually keep stock of all EcuTek hardware, and ship next day. We also deliver the initial base map customized to your car setup within 3 business days of ordering (expedited delivery is available for extra charge).

Due to high volume of calibration inquiries, sales, and projects that CSG is involved in, please allow, on average, 72 hours (unless mentioned otherwise) for the preliminary calibration file to be provided. This will allow our calibration team to reach out and ensure that the parameters are developed accordingly for your specific vehicle. Each vehicle is unique and our calibration team will work with you to optimize your vehicle's needs

Then, it is up to the customer to provide data logs in a timely manner after receiving each revision. You should plan for the tuning refinement process to take several days. Finally, keep in mind our tuning team rests during the weekends.


I need a revision of my CSG tune after making changes to my car, how to proceed?

Please order a Revision of Custom Tune from our webstore.


I already have the laptop-based EcuTek licenses and hardware, but I want to flash my next custom tune with a smartphone, what do I need?

Provided you have the Bluetooth version of the EcuTek programming kit, you would only need to order an EcuTek PhoneFlash Activation license from us.


Are you able to tune supercharged or turbocharged Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ cars?

Absolutely, just select the appropriate Tuning Type when ordering (FI Level 1 or FI Level 2) a CSG Spec Custom Tune for Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ from us. Both FA24 and FA20 engine tuning are supported.


Where can I find user guides for smartphone-based flashing with EcuTek PhoneFlash app?