CSG Ecutek Tuning Service for Toyota GR Supra 3.0 A90, G29 BMW Z4 m40i, BMW B58 (Gen2)

Custom Tuning for all levels of modification on the A90/A91 Supra, G29 BMW Z4, and other cars powered by the BMW B58 and B48 engine families.

Not sure how remote tuning works? See our EcuTek tuning guide.

All ECU reprogramming or tuning products and services offered by CounterSpace Garage are exclusively meant for race cars in off-road, closed course racing.

Disclaimer: It is a risk to modify your vehicle from its factory setting which may void vehicle warranty and be non-compliant with specific auto racing organizations and sanctioning bodies.

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CSG Spec tuning offers custom tuning application specific to the vehicle requirements through EcuTek tuning suite. Custom tunes are specific to VINs and cannot be shared to another other platform allowing for a truly customized experience for you. This customized tuning service is specific for your vehicle.

Which Tuning Level Do I Need?

Choose the level based on your existing modifications and/or goals:

For power goals above 550whp, especially on an upgraded turbo, it is required to run an upgraded fuel system. The proper path to do this is through Visconti's Stage 1 Fuel System and Motiv | Reflex Port Injection Kit, both of which CSG offers.

To sustain 600 lb-ft through all gears, we recommend upgrading to Pure's Stage 0 Rebuilt Transmission. If you also plan on upgrading your turbocharger, it's best to start off with Pure's Stage 1 Rebuilt Transmission.

What does CSG's custom tuning service offer?

In our experience and extensive database of data acquired through thousands of hours of track testing and dyno R&D, "canned" tunes or "base" maps are never an "one-size fits all". Immediate gratification can be experienced quick base maps, but bespoke tunes specific to each modification list and individual vehicle is important to optimize and maintain consistency.

Through extensive test parameters, we are able to develop maps that provide smoother power delivery, better modulation, improved drivability, stable power improvements, and better consistency under stress. No one wants a one-pull wonder, but everybody wants something that's repeatable and useful, especially on the racetrack.

What ECUTEK hardware or licenses do I need?

See our EcuTek tuning guide .

Why do we always talk about track testing and R&D?

Track testing can be the most strenuous type of testing available. Since a major portion of our clientele is catered towards track driving and sprint/endurance racing, power delivery is required to be consistent and stable lap after lap regardless of how heat soaked and how hot or cold the ambient temperatures are. This development transfers over to daily and street applications.

Whether you're doing the Texas Mile pull or accelerating onto the freeway, you can expect power delivery to be predictable and consistent pull after pull. This is our goal and our way of doing things.

Supported Car Models

  • 2019–present B58 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 - A90 A91 MkV
  • 2019–present G29 BMW Z4 M40i
  • 2019–present G07 BMW X7 xDrive40i
  • 2019–present G11 & G12 BMW 740i
  • 2019–present G20 BMW 340i

*Please note these ECUs are locked either by a Dealer or from the factory. These ECUs need to be unlocked by an EcuTek Dealer prior to being tuned. Please speak to your EcuTek Tuner to find out if your ECU is locked.


It is a risk to modify your vehicle from its factory setting which may void vehicle warranty and be non-compliant in specific organizations and sanctions.

EcuTek PRO Kit is required with Premium Plus licenses. Kit is available for order.

Due to high volume of calibration inquiries, sales, and projects that CSG is involved in, please allow, on average, 72 hours (unless mentioned otherwise) for the preliminary calibration file to be provided. This will allow our calibration team to reach out and ensure that the parameters are developed accordingly for your specific vehicle. Each vehicle is unique and our calibration team will work with you to optimize your vehicle's needs. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Toyota GR Supra - A90, BMW Z4 M40i
Part Brand CSG Spec
MSRP 599