EcuTek ECU Connect - Bluetooth Programming & Datalogging Kit

EcuTek Bluetooth ECU Connect, with Programming Dongle

Optional Tunes for Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ, Toyota Supra and others: CSG Spec Tunes.

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Not sure how tuning with EcuTek works? See our EcuTek tuning guide.

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EcuTek License and Dongle Cable, Bluetooth Type Kit

Select the license type specific to your vehicle:

**Performance License**
- Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S / Toyota 86
- Mazda Miata ND SkyActive-G
- Nissan 370Z
- Ford EcoBoost

**Premium License**
- BMW F series - N55
- Nissan GT-R ECM Only
- Nissan VR30 Twin Turbo

**Premium Plus License**
- BMW F series - S55
- BMW G Series - B48+B58
- Toyota GR Supra - B48+B58

**Premium + TCM Pro License**
- Nissan GT-R ECM & TCM
Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Toyota GR Supra - A90, Subaru BRZ - FA20, Subaru BRZ - FA24, Toyota 86 - FA20, Toyota GR 86 - FA24, Scion FR-S - FA20, Nissan 370Z / G37, BMW M3 / M4 (F80/F82), BMW Z4 M40i, Mazda Miata / MX-5, Nissan GT-R R35
Part Brand EcuTek
Weight 8
MSRP 400