Pure - ZF 8HP 51 Stage 1 Transmission Rebuild

Rebuild of ZF8 transmission by Pure, for up to 1000 HP and 850 lb-ft.

CSG is an Authorized Installer for Pure Drivetrains Solutions, with the capability to remove and re-install your transmission.

Price does NOT include freight shipping, or donor transmission core.

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ZF 8HP 51 Stage 1 Transmission Rebuild Service Includes:

  • Upgraded Clutches and Steels Throughout Entire Transmission
  • Upgraded Clutch Pack for Clutch C +5 Frictions (11 Total)
  • Upgraded Clutch Pack for Clutch E +5 Frictions (11 Total)
  • Upgraded Clutch Pack for Clutch D +2 Friction (6 Total)
  • Upgraded Clutch Frictions for Clutch A
  • Upgraded Clutch Frictions for Clutch B - 60% Surface Area Increase
  • All New Gaskets, Seals and Rings
  • Upgrades O-Rings and Seals Within The Valve-Body Assembly
  • Cog Drives and Shaft Modified For Better Lubrication Transfer
  • Heat Treated & Hard Anodized Clutch Baskets
  • Brand New Pan, Filter Element & Fluid
  • Laser Etched Logo and Trans VIN
  • A90, A91 Toyota MK5 Supra or BMW Z4

Price includes rebuild of your own transmission (and torque converter if opted for). Please contact us if you need a core (new transmission).

Disassembly Process Includes

  • Complete disassembly of entire transmission
  • Casing and housings are washed vigorously
  • Hard parts are thoroughly inspected
  • Casing is thoroughly checked for any cracks or damage

Transmission Rebuild Process Includes

  • Modified basket assemblies for better oiling and three step process for added strength and durability.
  • New clutch packs consisting of our proprietary paper friction and steels through out the entire transmission. A and B brake along with C/D and E clutch assemblies are all addressed within the stage 1 to give stock like drivability but the holding power needed for this power level.
  • The torque converter in this package will yield a 3000rpm stall on the foot brake all while keeping a nice tight feel for around town driving.
  • All gaskets, seals and rings are changed and addressed within this package. We include a brand new pan and filter element along with the fluid needed to run.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Toyota GR Supra - A90, BMW Z4 M40i
Part Brand Pure Drivetrain
MSRP 5999