PTUNING - Flex Fuel Kit - Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S - Bluetooth and Optional OLED Display

A complete plug and play flex fuel kit for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, and Toyota 86 platform. This flex fuel kit enables user to convert their vehicle to a flex fuel configuration. This kit is the most complete flex fuel kit on the market for the 86 platform that offers true plug and play installation utilizing the factory connectors.

Compatible with model years 2012-2020. NOT compatible with 2022+ BRZ & GR86

  • Run any mix % of Ethanol and/or Petrol.

  • Bluetooth 4.0

  • Sensor FailSafe

  • Monitoring using free Android app

  • Optional OLED Display

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With ethanol fuel stations becoming more common across the nation, many car enthusiasts and tuners are resorting to flex fuel tune to extract more power out of their vehicles. Whether you have a normally aspirated stock 86 or a fully built boosted 86, you can extract more power from your current setup by running ethanol fuel along with a properly designed flex fuel kit and most importantly flex fuel tune. The main difference between an "e85", "e70" or "e30" tune for example, versus a "flex fuel" tune is that one is tuned with a fixed ethanol fuel content while the later is "flexible" with handling fuel with varying levels of ethanol content. Having a vehicle with a flex fuel tune is a more realistic "daily driver" than one with a tuned based on a fixed ethanol fuel content, since ethanol fuel station may not be available when you need to refuel. Even if the ethanol fuel station is available it may not have the exact ethanol content your vehicle was tuned on. E85 fuel can vary from 70-85% ethanol, although we've seen ethanol content as low as 60% on pump designated as 85% ethanol. A Vehicle tuned on e85 but running e60 can potentially cause catastrophic engine failure especially on high boosted applications. With that in mind, it only makes sense to run a flex fuel setup along with a proper flex fuel tune. So knowing the ethanol content that's in your fuel tank is critical for your vehicle's ECU (engine control unit) to run flex fuel safely. With that in mind, we're releasing version 2.2 of our flex fuel kit for the 86 with some added safety features.

The PTUNING Flex Fuel Analyzer (FFA) module aka Ethanol Content Analyzer (ECA) is the heart of our flex fuel kit. The FFA module includes what we call "Sensor FailSafe", a feature currently not available in any other ECA on the market. Just like the other ECA on the market that constantly monitors the output signal from the Continental/GM ethanol composition sensor and converts the signal to a more ECU-friendly 0-5V output. These ECAs will normally send out 0V to the ECU if there's no signal from the ethanol sensor, such as a faulty sensor connection or if the reading is below 50hz (0% E) due to a faulty sensor. If the faulty sensor reads above 150hz (100% E), the ECA will output 5v (100%). We'll that's all great and dandy these ECAs can detect a disconnected or faulty sensor but how does that protect your tune when you have 50% ethanol in your tank and your ECU is expecting 2.5V input but instead it's receiving 5V (100% E) due to a faulty sensor reading well above the 150hz range. The ethanol composition reading is a critical parameter reading in a flex fuel tune, your ECU is relying on the ethanol content to determine the proper AFR, Ignition Timing, Valve Timing, and Boost level (if forced induction). You cannot run the same timing and boost level at 50% ethanol as you can with 85%. So to address this potential issue with a faulty ethanol sensor, we implemented a fail safe feature that constantly monitors the ethanol sensor for faulty reading as well as faulty connection. When the sensor faults, our FFA module automatically ignores the faulty reading and pulls up what we call the Last Known Good Value (LKGV) and uses that value to supply the ECU with the correct 0-5V output based on the ethanol content that's in your fuel prior to the sensor fault. This LKGV value is constantly updated as your engine is running. The LKGV value is stored in non-volatile memory which means the value will remain in memory even if you turn off your engine. This Sensor FailSafe feature insures that your tune is unaffected by a faulty ethanol sensor and it's activated the instant a sensor fault is detected. Both our PTUNING Flex app and optional PTUNING OLED can display information regarding a faulty sensor and FailSafe mode activation. Our Flex app adds an additional notification features that can alert you in the event of a faulty sensor even with the app running in the background.

Another added feature in our PTUNING FFA module is logging the minimum and maximum ethanol content value, which is also stored on the FFA module and can be view either from our PTUNING Flex app or optional PTUNING OLED display. The Min/Max value can be reset using our Flex app. And like most ECAs on the market, we also provide the fuel temperature reading, but we offer both temperature unit in Fahrenheit or Celcius for display. The PTUNING Flex app can be used to change settings on the PTUNING FFA module, PTUNING OLED display, and of course the app itself. You can use the flex fuel kit without the app and without the OLED display.

In addition to our new PTUNING FFA module in version 2.2, we've added an optional OLED display for those that want to view either ethanol content reading without using an app and streaming data via Bluetooth. The OLED display can display both ethanol content % as well as ethanol min/max and fuel temperature. The display will also display any sensor fault and failsafe activation message. Another addition in version 2.2 , included as standard, is the Race-Spec stainless steel braided PTFE (Teflon) fuel lines, which is impervious to any type of fuel including ethanol fuel. The aluminum hose ends are machine-crimped for added reliability. The stainless steel braided fuel lines are covered with a smooth black pvc cover to prevent abrasion from the fuel line's stainless steel outer layer again other components in the engine bay. All connections utilize billet aluminum quick disconnect fittings. To simplify installation, the FFA module includes PnP connectors to the factory secondary O2 sensor plug.

Kit Content
PTUNING Flex Fuel Analyzer Module (FFA)
* Device Authorization Security - requires you to authorized your android device against the module in order to view data or modify settings on the FFA module. This prevents others from using the Flex app to access your module.
* Tuner Access - allows you to turn on guest access to allow your tuner to view the data from the module via the Flex app without requiring authorization.
* Sensor FailSafe - automatic sensor fault detection and failsafe activation. Failsafe remains activated until faulty sensor is corrected.
* Minimum and Maximum Ethanol Content % Logging - min/max value saved even when module powered off.
* Min/Max Resettable - can be reset via PTUNING Flex android app.
* 0.5V-4.5V Output to ECU (Default) - 0.5V (0% Ethanol) to 4.5V (100% Ethanol). 0V - indicates disconnected FFA module.
* 0V-5V Output to ECU (Optional) - 0V (0% Ethanol) to 5V (100% Ethanol). Recommended only for existing tune based on other ECA using 0-5V (0%-100% Ethanol) scale.
* Voltage Output Calibrated from factory.
* Voltage Output Calibration Offset Override - Allows tuner to dial in exact voltage to match reading at ECU input (+/- 0.20V, increments of 0.02V) (only in 0V-4.5V mode).
* Fuel Temperature output - Fahrenheit (Default) or Celsius.
* Bluetooth 4.0 aka Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)- designed to work with new devices running Android 4.3 OS or newer. Stream data and configure module using PTUNING Flex app.
* Automatic detection of Bluetooth connection to module by app. - connection status can be displayed on optional OLED display.
* Automatic detection of optional OLED display connection. connection status stream to app to allow configuration of OLED display.
* Diagnostic information can be stream via BLE to app for troubleshooting faulty sensors.
* Anodized Billet Aluminum Module Casing - designed to be mounted in engine bay.
* Custom Wiring Harness w/ Fire Retardant Braided Sleeve.
* PnP Secondary O2 Sensor Connector - for power input and signal output.
* PnP Ethanol Sensor Connector - for Continental ethanol composition sensor.
* PnP Micro Connector - for optional OLED Display and designed to easily route through wire grommet on firewall.
* Optional CPC Input - you can still connect the 0-5v output signal wire to the ECU harness via the CPC input by running a single wire through the firewall and directly to the ECU.

PTUNING SS Braided PTFE (Teflon-lined) Fuel Lines & Adaptors
* Race-Spec Stainless Steel Braided PTFE (Teflon-lined) Fuel Lines with Anodized Aluminum Crimped Hose-ends.
* Billet Aluminum Quick-Connect Adaptors to Factory Fuel System and Ethanol Sensor.
* Factory Fuel Line Removal Tool.

PTUNING Sensor Mounting Bracket & Continental Ethanol Composition Sensor
* Stainless Steel mounting hardware.
* Continental Ethanol Composition Sensor (Compact Style).
* Stainless Steel Sensor Mounting Bracket - for mounting ethanol sensor near brake master cylinder.

PTUNING OLED Display (Optional)
* 1" Diagonal Screen OLED Display.
* Bluetooth Connection Status - display Bluetooth icon when app connected to FFA module.
* Ethanol Content % Readout.
* Fuel Temperature Readout (Fahrenheit or Celsius) - readout can be turn on/off.
* Ethanol % Min/Max Readout - display min and max ethanol % reading since last reset - readout can be turn on/off.
* Invert/Flip OLED Display - allows change in display orientation depending on how display is mounted.
* Sensor Faulty/FailSafe Activation Readout - screen will blink failsafe activation message and failsafe Ethanol % when fault occurs.
* 1.5" x 1.5" Anodized Billet Aluminum Display Casing.
* 6 feet of PnP Cable - can be mounted on dash or center console.
* Adhesive-backed Velcro for mounting display - can be mounted on dash with supplied adhesive-backed Velco or mounted via any magnetic-style air vent mount.

PTUNING Flex Android App (Free On Google Play)
* Change Voltage Output - allows you to setup your FFA module to output either 0.5v to 4.5V (Default) (0%-100% ethanol) or 0v to 5V (0%-100% ethanol). We recommend using the default 0.5v to 4.5V output. Consult with your tuner before changing this setting. This setting should only be used if you're replacing another ECA that uses the 0-5V scale and your tuner does not want to change the existing ethanol map scale.
* Allow Tuner Access - allows you to turn on/off tuner access which allow others to connect and stream data from your FFA module without authorization. Tuner Access only allows streaming of data from the FFA. No changes can be made to the FFA module or OLED display. Device Authorization - use to authorize your device to connect to the FFA module. Only one device can be authorized to connect to your FFA module. Authorization allows only you to change settings on your FFA module and stream data from the module. If you authorized our device and then later authorize a second device, the first device will no longer have access, unless of course you turn on Allow Tuner Access. Device authorization requires disconnecting/reconnecting the connector plug to the ethanol sensor as a method of verification.
* Invert/Flip Display - allows you to change the orientation of the display based on how our display is mounted.
* Fuel Temperature Unit - Can display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
* Display Ethanol Fuel Temperature % - can be turned on/off.
* Display Ethanol Min/Max % - can be turned on/off.
* Display Ethanol Content %.
* Control OLED Display (If available).
* Fuel Temperature Unit - Can display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
* Display Ethanol Fuel Temperature % - can be turned on/off.
* Reset Ethanol Min/Max % - can reset min/max value stored on FFA module.
* Display Ethanol Min/Max % - min/max readout display as analog circular bar range and digital readout. Digital readout can be turned on/off.
* Display Ethanol Content % - display readout as analog gauge with digital readout.
* Display on device in portrait or landscape mode.
* Module Name Alias can be used to assigned a user-friendly name to your FFA module instead of PTFFA-XXXXX. Alias only appears on your device.
* Optional notification of faulty sensor/fail safe can be turned on/off. Notifications will display on your device in the notification tray even if the app is in the background.
* Auto-hide Actionbar/Toolbar for full view of gauge display.
* Auto-sleep - FFA module will not streaming data to app if app is in background to minimize battery usage. Only faulty sensor/failsafe information will be stream to app when app is in background.
* Auto-streaming of live data from FFA module once connected.
* Auto-reconnect to FFA module when module is on and within range. App must still be running in background.
* Designed for smart phones running Android 4.3 or higher (minimum requirement for Bluetooth 4.0).

One Year Warranty
Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Subaru BRZ - FA20, Toyota 86 - FA20, Scion FR-S - FA20
Part Brand PTUNING
Weight 12
MSRP 575