Jackson Racing Track Engine Oil Cooler for Toyota GR86 & Subaru BRZ 2022+

New oil cooler design for 2022+ Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ, it keeps oil temperatures below 250ºF in the most extreme conditions. It also retains OEM Heat Exchanger for proper engine oil warm up when cold.

See also: oil cooler kit for Gen1 FR-S / 86 / BRZ (2012-2020)

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An engine oil cooler is a must-have for any track or hot climate vehicle. The Toyota GR86 / Subaru BRZ includes a factory heat exchanger, but it is not enough to keep up on-track with the finely tuned high compression FA24 engine. This can lead engine oil temperatures spiking to dangerous levels, which can accelerate oil breakdown and lower vehicle performance.

Main Features

  • Keep oil temperatures below 250ºF in the most extreme conditions
  • Thermostatic Oil Adapter + OEM Heat Exchanger for proper engine oil warm up when cold
  • Helps maintain engine performance
  • Heavily street and track tested to ensure reliability

Building off the success of the 1st Gen FR-S/86/BRZ kit of the past decade, the GR86/BRZ Track Engine Oil Cooler Kit is a fresh update to Jackson Racing’s popular oil cooling solution. As with all JR products, this kit was developed in-house and designed to bring optimal oil cooling to the FA24 engine.

The included Setrab 9-Series oil cooler core was carefully chosen and tested to match the demands of the dedicated track/race enthusiast, and has been enjoyed by thousands of 1st Gen owners with JR kits over the past decade. It has been put to the test by our own championship-winning racing drivers on the street and track, in the worst on-track conditions; from the extreme heat of the American southwest to the high banks of Daytona. The Track Engine Oil Cooler kit works flawlessly, keeping oil temperatures in the 240ºF range with pro drivers on track, thus maintaining engine performance throughout on-track sessions.

The Jackson Racing Track Engine Oil Cooler Kit not only performs on track, but holds up in day to day driving as well. To aid with oil warm up for daily and cooler climate usage, the OEM heat exchanger has been retained.

The Jackson Racing Oil Cooler Adapter included is a proprietary JR design giving customers more adjustability. The JR adapter features improved socket relief for filter screw installation and a proper O-ring design to improve surface seal. With four M22 oil ports, customers looking to have an additional sensor port for datalogging can option in 1/8” NPT M22 sensor port plugs. The JR Oil Cooler Adapter for the Track Kits also features a built-in thermostat to help with oil warm up. All adapters come in a titanium grey anodized finish.

The Jackson Racing Track Engine Oil Cooler Kit retains the JR signature solid chassis mounting bracket for extra safety, which uses solid factory-mounting locations with no drilling/cutting needed. The 2nd Gen mounting bracket has received a 35% weight reduction over the previous models.

Another benefit of the front mounted oil cooler system is the engine oil cooler being located front and center in the bumper area, drawing outside air directly over the core. All-new for 2022, there is now a Shroud option for the Setrab core utilized in the kit. This oil cooler shroud helps direct air over the Setrab core, increasing the efficiency of the oil cooler.

NEW Jackson Racing Engine Oil Cooler Bracket

  • Locates Engine Oil Cooler in Direct Air
  • Mounts using factory hole locations
  • No Drilling/Cutting
  • Powder Coated to Resist Corrosion

Setrab 15 Row Oil Cooler

  • Championship Proven by Jackson Racing over the past decade
  • Unique Internal Turbulator Design for Improved Oil Cooling Capability
  • Factory Pressure Tested to 10bar
  • Black Epoxy Finish to Resist Corrosion

NEW Jackson Racing Oil Cooler Shroud

  • Ducts air across Setrab core
  • Increased oil cooling efficiency
  • Fully rubber isolated
  • Backwards compatible
  • Raw Aluminum finish

JR Thermostatic Oil Cooler Adapter

  • Integrated Thermostat
  • Four M22 Ports with two -10AN fittings
  • Easy Install Socket Relief
  • Proper O-Ring design
  • Optional 1/8” NPT sensor port plugs
  • Titanium Grey Finish

-10AN Oil Cooler Lines

  • Pre-Assembled at Jackson Racing
  • Aeroquip OE Quality Oil Hose
  • Oetiker clamped hose ends for peace of mind
  • Direct M22 Free Float Fittings on Cooler side

High Quality Metric Fasteners & Hardware

Industry Leading Customer Service & Support

  • 40+ Years of Proven Performance
  • Full Color Installation Manual
Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Subaru BRZ - FA24, Toyota GR 86 - FA24
Part Brand Jackson Racing
Weight 35
MSRP 799