Color Fittings Arctic Series Oil Cooler for Subaru BRZ, Toyota GR86 2022+

The Color Fittings Arctic Competition Oil Cooler Kit is engineered to provide efficient oil cooling while maintaining OEM quality and reliability.

- Setrab Series 9 15 Row Oil Cooler Core
- Uses OEM Oil Filter

For 2022+ Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 only


GReddy oil coolers are typically special order and ship from Japan, ETA can be 1-3 months


High oil temperatures are a prominent issue in the FA motor family found in the first and second generation vehicles. High stress conditions such as track usage, autocross, or hot ambient temperatures will often result in high oil temperatures. In our testing of the second generation vehicles, we have seen oil temperatures as high as 280F on a stock vehicle. As we move closer to summer, we expect oil temperatures to increase even further as we see some 100F+ ambient temperature track days.

Color Fittings offers one of the first Oil Cooler Kits available for the 2022+ Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ chassis.

The Color Fittings Arctic Competition Oil Cooler Kit is engineered to provide efficient oil cooling while maintaining OEM quality and reliability.

This is a direct bolt-on kit and does not require any modification for install. The included Mocal thermostatic sandwich plate prevents overcooling and assists in the warm-up process. Our pre-assembled AN lines are built to-length with our proprietary AN Fittings that allow for an easy and leak-free installation in addition to providing a very unique finish.

GR86 / BRZ Oil Cooler Kit Contents

  • (1) Setrab Series 9 15 Row Oil Cooler Core
  • (1) Mocal Thermostatic Oil Filter Sandwich Plate
  • (2) Sandwich Plate Adapter Fitting
  • (2) Oil Cooler Core Adapter Fitting
  • (2) Pre-Assembled Chassis-Specific 10 AN line
  • (2) Chassis-Specific Mounting Brackets
  • (1) M6 Mounting Hardware Kit
  • (1) OEM Oil Filter
  • (1) Aluminum 10AN Assembly Wrench
  • (1) Detailed Easy-to-Follow Large Format Instruction set
  • GR86 / BRZ Oil Cooler Kit FAQ

    Can I DIY Install this kit?

    Our kit is intended to be as DIY friendly as possible, and most people with a moderate DIY skillset can confidently install our kit. We include detailed instructions and illustrations with every kit.

    Will I need to cut, grind, trim, drill, or otherwise make modifications to the vehicle for the install?

    No. The kit is 100% bolt-on and requires no modification to the vehicle itself to install.

    What should I expect a shop to charge for installing this kit?

    Shop rates vary based on location, but recommended book time is 3 hours. Non-performance shops who are not familiar with AN fittings and line should still be able to install the kit without issue, but may choose to charge more than recommended.

    Do I need to install an oil cooler?

    It is highly recommended for vehicles that see track usage, autocross, hot ambient temperatures, forced induction, or sustained high RPM to install an oil cooler to protect the engine and prolong oil life.

    Is the OEM Oil Cooler sufficient for track usage?

    The OEM system is a coolant to oil heat exchanger located right below the oil filter on the top of the engine. This system is designed to transfer excess heat from the engine oil to the engine coolant using a very small core. We have found this system to be insufficient for proper oil cooling and does not maintain low oil temperatures during track usage. The OEM oil cooler is removed during the installation of this kit.

    What testing has been done with the kit?

    Our preliminary testing was done with several stock drivetrain vehicles on Northern and Southern California road racing tracks. Both the BRZ and GR86 were used in testing. Under these conditions, with the OEM oil cooler, oil temperatures were measured at 280F at 70F ambient temp. With our oil cooler kit, temperature drops were seen up to 55F and never exceeded 240F.

    Is this oil cooler thermostatic?

    By default, we include a thermostatic Mocal sandwich plate. The plate restricts flow to the core during warm-up to prevent overcooling of the oil and assists in the warm up cycle. It is highly recommended for all street vehicles to run a thermostatic oil cooler, which is why we don’t offer a non-thermostatic option.

    What core is used in the kit?

    The core used in our kits is a Setrab ProLine Series 9 15 Row Oil Cooler. Setrab has a very strong track record in oil cooling products. This core was chosen for its durable construction, reliability, and cooling efficiency.

    Do I need to drain the engine oil out of the core every oil change?

    It is not necessary to drain the engine out of the core and line every oil change, but some customers may choose to do so. If performing this step, please ensure that all mounting hardware and AN lines are torqued correctly after each service.

    Should I adjust the oil change interval?

    We recommend an oil change interval adjustment based on the operating conditions, vehicle usage, and specific oil used. The best way to determine the correct oil change interval is to check the oil with a used oil analysis service.

    Does this increase the oil capacity of the engine?

    The core and lines will increase the oil capacity of the engine by approximately 0.8L. Unless the core and lines are drained with each oil change, the capacity of oil necessary to refill the engine during an oil change service will remain the same.

    Additional Info
    Additional Info
    Car Model Subaru BRZ - FA24, Toyota GR 86 - FA24
    Part Brand Color Fittings
    Weight 15
    MSRP 679.99