CSG Spec - GR Supra - DIY Track Day Power Package

Basic track prep package kit. We did the validation so you can enjoy the fruits of our services. This is a kit that allows you to select your own components and the tune to match for power levels ranging from just above 400, up to 800whp and beyond.

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Ever wondered what it took to pump out a formidable track power package without throwing a bunch of useless parts at the car? Here at CSG, we're all about less is more. Our vision is the ability to maximize the power potential of your MKV A90 GR Supra with best components validated from our track experiences. From our extensive testing and road course experience supporting new and veteran drivers, many variables are optimized and refined to support hard, consistent uses that require constant power delivery under a variety of environmental conditions. Your car should be consistent from the first lap to the last lap of every session and every race.

Do you feel intimidated because you're a newbie on track? Are you a professional driver with significant racing experience? Are you a factory racecar driver and just want to prep your Supra with basic components to have fun? Well, we have the most comprehensive starter page that can allow you to pick and choose what you need. In fact, we'll provide you the cheat sheet on getting your car ready to go without the headaches of figuring out all this information on your own. Forget the hassle of buying parts that barely work or are not validated. We're all about making sure you can purchase that one part and know that's all you need to succeed.

EcuTek PRO Kit - ECU Programming System
The first step to tuning will be the use of the EcuTek PRO Kit. We've offered three options to choose from:
1. If you own a kit, then you don't need to order one. We'll need to acquire information on your system prior to tuning.
2. EcuTek PRO Kit + Premium Performance License. This does not include ECU unlocking services.
3. This is a complete EcuTek PRO Kit + License and includes ECU bench unlocking allowing EcuTek services to be rendered.

Tuning Type
We have three tuning options available to maximize your experience:
1. Level 1 - OEM+
Excellent for improving power output throughout the powerband, optimizing parameters specific to your fuel type, and improve throttle modulation for a unique track experience. Absolute driveability is key for a seamless driving experience and consistency. Modifications can include air filter and air intakes.

2. Level 2 - Downpipe Special
When pairing an aftermarket downpipe for your racing and off-road use, an appropriate tune is required to optimize the specific components. We've dialed in many Supras used for competitive road course and tracking use which requires constant abuse for a length of time whether it would be 20 minutes or full length endurance racing. That repeated abuse, lap after lap, needs to be consistent so the driver can focus on driving. While a significant power is increased from setup, the ability to control that power will be intuitive and consistent.

3. Level 3 - Turbo Upgrade
If introducing an upgraded turbo setup, some updated parameters are required. Most of all, the calibration can be dialed in and refined sufficiently so the driver can focus on putting the grip to the pavement. Often times a significant surge in power provides a sense of greatness, but not necessarily in how it manifests in actual usability. This defines the difference between power figures and short driving stints. CSG's focus is being able to show off a newfound level of pace corner after corner, straight after straight, lap after lap. All this while providing the natural levels of intuitiveness and consistency.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Toyota GR Supra - A90
Part Brand CSG Spec
Weight 150