CSG Spec - Toyota GR Supra RZ Premium & BMW Z4 M40i - Track Handling Package

Basic track prep package kit. We did the validation so you can enjoy the fruits of our services.

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Ever wondered what it took to pump out a formidable track handling and footwork package without throwing a bunch of useless parts at the car? Here at CSG, we're all about less is more. Our vision is that you push your MKV A90 GR Supra & G29 BMW Z4 M40i to the limit of your driving ability and ensure that the Supra can keep up with your shenanigans on track.

Do you feel intimidated because you're a newbie on track? Are you a professional driver with significant racing experience? Are you a factory racecar driver and just want to prep your Supra with basic components to have fun? Well, we have the most comprehensive starter page that can allow you to pick and choose what you need. In fact, we'll provide you the cheat sheet on getting your car ready to go without the headaches of figuring out all this information on your own. Forget the hassle of buying parts that barely work or are not validated. We're all about making sure you can purchase that one part and know that's all you need to succeed.

Brake Package - OEM Caliper Application
We've seen so many people complain about having all these incredible components on the brakes over the years, but many of them never even go to the track. Why take advice from communities and individuals who constantly spend on adding parts to their cars but have seen nearly zero track time? We've taken the liberty to test hundreds of different brake setups, components, and compounds to identify what drivers really need. At the end of the day, automotive manufacturers have spent millions in developing appropriately balanced brake systems. To maximize their potential, experienced professions, like CSG, has vetted the appropriate setups to yield the best results for the least number of modifications required.

The most important part of going to the track is the brakes. To go fast, you got to be able to slow down. Prepare yourself for professional motorsport grade brake compounds that make all other brake setups look like child's play. Forget the big brake kit (BBK) that everybody brags about. This setup maximizes the potential of the brakes from the beginning and outperforms almost all aftermarket setups.

**CSG CP front // CSG CP rear**
Street Performance / Hard Brake Use - Excellent for normal ambient temperatures to Veteran Track Drivers

**CSG C21 front // CSG C11 rear**
Perfect for hard performance to full semi-endurance racing application. The pad compounds that have been proven to be winners in their respective fields. Whether you're just casually track driving or racing professionally on full slicks, this pad setup works wonders for novice to full professional drivers.

Brake Fluids
Do you find yourself mulling over the idea of using 87 octane gasoline or 91 octane gasoline? If the 93 or 95 octane was available, would you use it in your Supra? Of course you would. Likewise, you want to use the best possible brake fluid you can in the system. The MKV Supra requires a special flushing cycle that ensures proper flushing of the system (to be performed by experienced mechanics or professionals). Pair this with a proper brake fluid and you can expect confident brake pedal feel, high thermal resistance, high consistency, and good longevity. We have provided 3 excellent options from great to best. All 3 have been test validated for consistency and the only fluids we willingly approve on the MKV Supra.

**Project Mu G-Four
**Endless RF-650 Brake Fluid

Suspension Components
Ever wondered why we didn't make this a required option at checkout? Well it's simple.

Factory test drivers are seasoned veteran drivers who have tested the vehicle in many different driving conditions. The car is designed to be excellent for a large range of activities including track driving AND street application. To make the suspension respond in a more agile and responsive manner, SPL arms takes out the slack in the system and improves overall tire management to a new level. As a result, the MKV Supra feels more responsive.
* Are these suspension components REQUIRED for track driving? No.
* Will these make for better handling? When setup properly, these are the next best modifications for your MKV Supra on top of brakes (listed earlier).
Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Toyota GR Supra - A90
Part Brand CSG Spec
Weight 40