Titan Motorsports MKV A90 A91 Supra Supplemental Fuel System

Upgraded low pressure fuel system best suited for race application Supras encountering fuel starvation.

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Titan Motorsports has developed a complete fuel system upgrade for the B58-equipped 2020/21 Toyota MKV Supra. Our own A90 Supra is equipped with a supplemental Fueltech ECU controlling the secondary port injection and a number of additional sensors to log parameters not available in the factory ecu. The factory direct injection system lacks the capacity required to deliver enough fuel when paired with larger turbochargers. Supplemental port injection has been a popular upgrade to add additional capacity required when using aftermarket turbochargers or higher ethanol-content fuel.

During routing testing on our Dynojet we began to see anomalies in pressure with the low-pressure fuel pump when surpassing 650whp or using higher ethanol content. Many tuners have been flying blind relying only on the factory sensors which do not include fuel pressure on the low-pressure side. However, the combination of port injection, the factory HPFP, and nitrous all tax the LPFP at a significant rate. As a result, we began development on our fuel system upgrade for the A90 Supra to provide the engine with the additional capacit it needs, all while also now allowing the end user to run 100 percent E85 fuel.

Designed to complement the EOSpeed or other port injection upgrades, our Titan Motorsports Fuel kit provides everything needed on the low-pressure side, starting with an additional ethanol compatible Walbro 274 in-tank fuel pump that securely mounts with an included hanger. Modification of the factory fuel cover is required to allow for the additional line and included sandwich fittings and required wiring. Fuel is then delivered to a Radium Surge Tank with Supra MKV-specific mount and all required fuel lines, controlled by an additional fuel pressure regulator allowing for independent fuel pressure on port injection side of the system. Combined with an appropriate port injection system, this upgrade will allow the end user to run full ethanol fuel and deliver enough fuel to support in excess of 1,000hp.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Toyota GR Supra - A90
Part Brand Titan Motorsports
Weight 20
MSRP 2195