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Nissan 350Z Application

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A regular on the Drifting circuit, the 350Z can also be found on the closed circuits of the hotly contested Grand Am competition. Whether you compete or only drive on the street, the Öhlins Road&Track suspension system provides a feel of confidence and control at any speed; damping that’s supple at slow speed and aggressive at high speed.

This balanced suspension package provides racetrack performance with street comfort, and features conventional shocks both front and rear. Each front shock includes top mount, height adjustor, preload adjustor, length adjustor (15mm lower than stock), single bleed adjustor, model-specific spring rates, and dust covers.

The rear Öhlins shocks each feature a single-bleed adjuster, preload adjuster (approximately 15mm lower than stock), properly rated coil spring, dust cover, and a top mount, as applicable. Both front and rear components have Dual-Flow Valves (DFV) and are light weight, corrosion resistant, fully rebuildable for a lifetime of service, and come with a two-year limited warranty.

Spring Rates:
Front: 100 N/mm(572 lbs/in.)
Rear: 55~70 N/mm(315~400 lbs/in.)Progressive rate
Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Nissan 350Z / G35
Part Brand Ohlins
Weight 80.0000
MSRP $2,642.00