Hawk HPS - AP Racing CP8350

Hawk HPS Brake Pads (HB521F.800)
AP Racing CP8350 Application

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The Hawk HPS is an inexpensive, mild, semi-metallic pad that is perfect if you want low dust and very little noise during street driving. The small amount of dust that is produced is a light coppery color, and is easily removed when washing the car. Hot and cold bite are both adequate for day-to-day driving, but certainly won’t snap your neck when standing on the brakes. The HPS does not have a high enough max operating temperature to work well on the track. Once these pads absorb too much heat, their mu falls off and wear rates accelerate quickly. The HPS is an appropriate street pad for all types of coupes, convertibles, sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons.

Hawk Performance Street Brake Pads now come with Hawk Gearhead Grease Paks, designed to minimize brake noise. Essex does not recommend using the Grease Pak if you plan on driving your car aggressively and putting a lot of heat into your brake system. Under such conditions, the grease can essentially “cook” on the back of the pad, making a mess of your pads, rotors, and calipers. SKU: HB521F.800
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Additional Info
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