EVS Tuning Vented Front Wide Fenders (FRP) - Honda S2000 AP1 / AP2

Widens fenders by 30mm
Built in louvers reduce lift and create downforce
Save 12lbs from factory S2000 fenders

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EVS Tuning has been race prepping and working on S2000's for over 10 years! With the knowledge gained from experience, EVS Tuning has released wide fenders for the S2000 with built in louvers.


  • Built in louvers reduce lift and create downforce by relieving unwanted pressure differentials.
  • Pressure differentials can occur anywhere that a fluid flow is allowed to enter an area that is difficult to exit.
  • Pressure differential can contribute to lift or reduces downforce. Note: Proper ducting and modifications needed to achieve full benefits of louvers.
  • Fenders comes as a pair - (Left and Right).
  • Widen's fenders by 30mm
  • Fender lines stay clean to not disrupt with Honda's design and form and are straight and perfect just like the factory.
  • Reduced weight - Lightweight construction (4.90 lbs per fender). Factory OEM fenders weigh 11.24 lbs
  • Saves a total of 12lbs from factory S2000 fenders.
  • Factory plastic fender liner is compatible.
  • Available in full FRP (Fiberglass)
  • Comes unpainted
Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Honda S2000 AP1, Honda S2000 AP2
Part Brand EVS Tuning
Weight 200
MSRP 1250