CSG - FA20 / 4U-GSE Engine Program - Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S / Toyota GT86

Please contact us for inquiry on this specific program. Candidates are selected based on experience and application.

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CSG has been working with motorsport and racing engine developers on a built engine program. The goals of this engine are improved response, reliability, and efficiency. All components have been upgraded and improved for balance, strength, reduction in weight, and reduction in friction.

Comes as a complete engine long block.

Disclaimer: This FA20/4U-GSE engine long block is FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. Client assumes all responsibility of the engine. CSG is not responsible for any issues that may arise from use.

Disclaimer: All long blocks are sold as off-road use only.
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Before operating vehicle, always utilize safety restrain systems while operating vehicle.

Warranty & Returns
Please note all products are designed for off road use only. It is up to the user and/or installer to determine fitness for any other application. Manufacturer can't control the severity of off road terrain, your driving habits, and the quality of your installation and offers no warranty as to fitness or performance for a particular application. This product is a consumable and assembled by a master technician. All products carry a one year warranty however only products that have abnormal defects or workmanship can be returned. Parts that have been abused, incorrectly installed, modified, or damaged cannot be returned. Please contact us before returning any parts. No claims will be accepted on parts that have been modified in any way. Warranty is limited to replacement of defective parts only and does not cover labor or shipping costs, vehicle down time or any other losses on your behalf.

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Subaru BRZ - FA20, Toyota 86 - FA20, Scion FR-S - FA20
Part Brand CounterSpace Garage
Weight 200