Project Mu HC+ - Suzuki Swift Sport ZC31S (Front)

- Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC31S) Front Pads
- 0-800ºC (32-1472ºF)
- Balanced brake pad for street and track use

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Project Mu HC+ is formulated for premium street, race, and rally performance. The initial bite is much more aggressive compared to the NS and B-Force pads with excellent fade resistance and brake modulation. With an operating temperature in excess of 800ºC (1472ºF), this pad can operate in a multiple settings that you can feel safe using both on the street and on the track. Elevated amount of dust, noise, and brake rotor wear is to be expected from this pad. This is the pad to use if you’re looking for a true “crossover” pad between road and track.

Temperature Range: 0-800ºC (32-1472ºF)
Friction Coefficient: ~0.43-0.58

Note: When using high grip tires, please select your pads carefully for the application you are seeking. Contact us for a consultation of what pad to use on your vehicle so we may better help you find the best brake pad combination for you.

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Swift Sport
Part Brand Project Mu
Weight 5
MSRP 210