Ignition Projects - Blaster Amplifier - L6 Turbo 2.6L RB26DETT - Nissan GT-R R32 / R33 - IP-B134003

Ignition Projects Blaster - High Power Amplifier

L6 Turbo 2.6L RB26DETT

1989-1993 Nissan GT-R BNR32
1994-1998 Nissan GT-R BNR33


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The IP Blaster is a high power amplifier which drastically boosts ignition coil current. The Spark Increase is dramatic with the IP Blaster and you can expect 100-percent increase in Spark Current, which is the amperage going to the spark. With such an increase in spark current, the ignition process is faster and it also creates a faster burn, thus leading to more Horsepower and Torque. Complete ignition decrease the incidence of "hot spots" in the combustion chamber and lowers the risk of detonation.

Handmade in the USA
Every Ignition Projects product is handmade in our facility located in Tustin, California. Production is overseen by our lead engineer from Japan, and although this is more work and higher cost, its important for us to guarentee our customers get the highest level of results.

IP Patented Technology
Ignition Projects Products Utilized US Patented Technology to provide the next level of performance for your vehicle. Our proprietary technology was designed developed by our team of engineers to innovate the best new ignition technology.

Two Time Quality Inspection on Every Product
Providing the highest level of performance to every single one or users. So we test every one of our products twice with industrial grade electronic testing equipment including an indepth oscilloscope reading. We check the product once during production and then one more time before final packaging, providing our customers with a double layer of quality control.

Professional Race Team Research & Development
We Sponsor Top Tier Professional Race Teams in Circuit Racing, Road Racing and Drifting to conduct research and development. Our products are designed to perform, so getting feedback and data from our sponsored teams help us to advance Ignition Technology in all of our products.
Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R
Part Brand Ignition Projects
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