CSG Spec - DME Unlock Service - Toyota Supra - BMW B58 / B48 / S55

The Toyota Supra 2020+ and some other B58/B48/S55 BMW cars have a locked DME that prevents the ECU from being flashed with a custom tune. By sending the physical DME to us, we can perform a bench unlock and ship it back to you. From that point on, the DME can be re-programmed with custom tunes.

To guarantee compatibility of your car's DME with this service, please send us your car model and VIN number first.

When you select our flat-fee round-trip shipping for the lower 48 US states, we will send you a shipping label. Allow for 1 business day to receive the shipping label from us over email.

If you live in other US territories or outside the US, please contact us first for a custom shipping quote.

Note: this service only includes unlocking of the DME unit. It does not include tuning service or Ecutek tuning hardware. For tuning options, see our Custom Tuning Service for Toyota Supra and BMW B58/B48


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Compatible cars:
  • Toyota Supra 2020+
  • B58 / B48 / S55 BMW cars 2020+
Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Toyota GR Supra - A90, BMW Z4 M40i
Part Brand CSG Spec
MSRP 400