CSG Spec - ACE x DT - NA Power Package - Subaru BRZ / Toyota 86

CSG Spec NA Power Package

Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S / Toyota 86 (ZC6/ZN6) Application ONLY

- ACE Type-A 350 (A-350) 4-2-1 Header and Overpipe
- Delicious Tuning ACE A-350 Tune - CSG Spec

Optional Items Available:
- CSG Touring86 Catback Exhaust (passes <92dB sound restrictions)
- EcuTek License -or- EcuTek Cable Kit + License
- Front Pipe (HFC -or- Catless)
- Flex Fuel kit

Notes: We will contact you shortly after purchase to discuss how we will setup your tune and pair to your EcuTek Dongle ID. Free shipping to the lower 48 US states.

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CSG Spec packages and products are proven, track-tested, products that meet the rules and regulations requiring at least one catalytic converter, as well as, meeting sound limitations (ie: Laguna Seca, Sonoma, and autocross events) without losing power production. This base package setup has been used by CSG customers in SCCA STX class, GTA Enthusiast Class, and 86CUP Street Class to maximize engine power in a simple and reliable way. Additional add-on items like Flex Fuel can be purchased alongside this base package.

Delicious Tuning ACE Specific Stage 2 NA Tune Notes:
We will include a Delicious Tuning (DT) ACE A-350 specific tune with the package. All CSG clients who purchase a DT tune will be getting the latest and greatest tune by CSG's standards. These DT ACE tunes have hundreds of hours of dyno testing and hundreds of hours of track, race, and street refinement. As always, you will expect quality CSG x DT service to make sure your racing needs are taken care of.

CSG Spec Base Package includes:

- ACE Type-A 350 Collector (A-350) 4-2-1 Header and Overpipe (all necessary gaskets and fasteners are included)
- Delicious Tuning ACE A-350 Tune - CSG Spec

Available Options:

Catback Exhaust Options:
ACE Laguna 90 / 100 -
ACE Laguna 90 and Laguna 100 are both center exit exhaust systems that require modification to the rear bumper and relocation of the center light. Laguna 90 has been proven to pass Laguna Seca's stringent 92dB restriction with supercharger, ACE header, and ACE front pipe. Laguna 100 is designed for maximum weight savings. We offer the CSG Tip which is a large oval tip specially designed for CSG clients who have modified bumpers for racing. The ACE L90/L100 and CSG T86 exhausts are proven catback exhaust systems that provide consistent, reliable, and refined sound quality.

CSG Touring86 Exhaust Notes:
We have found that the ACE A-350 significantly reduces exhaust restrictions causing unique changes to the factory muffler. In order to further reduce exhaust restriction and improve overall sound production, we have included the CSG Touring86 in the package. The result is improved throttle response, reduced exhaust restriction, clean sporty exhaust note, and weight reduction without changing the aerodynamic characteristics of the ZC6/ZN6 platform.

EcuTek License -or- EcuTek Cable Kit + License
EcuTek license is required to pair a DT ACE tune to your vehicle. If an EcuTek Cable Kit is required, it will come complete with a dongle cable and license.

Front Pipe
Multiple front pipe options are available for this vehicle to maximize power out of the factory system and decrease weight.

Flex Fuel kit
Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel kit comes in MK1 or MK1+ (special fuel pressure cutoff system) configurations. OE specific lines have been proven for daily and race usage. USDM vehicles may use standard USDM setups. International vehicles require Non-USDM configuration.

Notes: We will contact you shortly after purchase to discuss how we will setup your tune and pair to your EcuTek Dongle ID. Free shipping to the lower 48 US states.
Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, Toyota GT86, Toyota 86
Part Brand CSG Spec
Weight 70.0000
MSRP $2,324.50