APEX - 17x9" ET42 EC-7R Forged Wheel - Toyota 86 / Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ / GR WRX

Price is for one (1) wheel. Fits:

  • Toyota 86 / GR 86 / GT86

  • Scion FR-S

  • Subaru BRZ

  • Subaru WRX GR 2011-2014

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Regular Price: $525.00

Our Price $472.50

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APEX - 17x9" ET42 EC-7R Forged Wheel - Toyota 86 / Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ / GR WRX
Additional Info
Additional Info
Car Model Subaru BRZ - FA20, Subaru BRZ - FA24, Toyota 86 - FA20, Toyota GR 86 - FA24, Scion FR-S - FA20, Subaru Impreza WRX, Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Part Brand APEX Race Parts
Weight 25
MSRP 525

Forged Aluminum

These wheels start as a cylinder of extruded aluminum that is forged by a die under 10,000 tons of pressure. This extreme pressure increases the strength of the material by eliminating porosity and improving the grain structure within the aluminum. It creates the perfect blank canvas to start from for our ultimate wheels.

"I" Beam Spokes

Significant material was removed from the side of each spoke on our EC-7R to give it "I" beam like strength. Many wheels have webbing between spokes that create the illusion of side milling. We took material off the side to save weight. We didn’t add weight just for aesthetics.

More Strength

“Forged” doesn’t mean strong. Many forged wheels focus on weight reduction so much that they end up with the same load rating as cast wheels. Think all forged wheels are stronger than cast or flow formed? Think again! We added up to 1,000 pounds of extra load capacity per vehicle compared to our flow formed line.

Improved Brake Clearance

The forged EC-7R improves on the original EC-7's already-phenomenal brake clearance, thanks to our high-clearance forged blanks. Forging allows us to reduce spoke thickness without compromising strength. As a result, the EC-7R has more brake clearance than any wheel we’ve ever made, and comfortably fits over large factory and aftermarket BBKs.

Weight Optimized

We conducted extensive Finite Element Analysis to reinforce high stress areas and to remove material where it didn’t improve strength. The end result is a fully forged wheel with an ideal balance of strength and weight.

Paintless Kunrled Beads

Not all knurling is created equal. To reduce unwanted tire spin as much as we could, we protected our knurling from paint to keep them sharp. We didn’t take the cheaper shortcut of painting over the bead area, which makes the knurling smoother and rounder. See and feel the difference.

Tailored Fit, Off-The-Shelf

APEX is known for stocking many niche and spacer free fitments tailored specifically to a chassis. We’re releasing those same fitments… and more in our new forged line. Much lower production requirements will allow us to release a wider range of fitments that were previously off limits.

True VIA

Many companies promote their wheels as being certified by the VIA when they actually aren’t. That’s like using the USDA logo on food without permission. APEX wheels get officially tested and registered by the VIA in Japan, and we have the proof to back it up.

JWL and Beyond

Japan’s JWL is a standard for wheel load ratings. Our new forged wheels exceed those ratings by almost 20%. Most manufacturers only meet the minimum, while some even fall below—yet they still claim to be JWL. Always verify load ratings before you buy.

Lifetime Warranty

All our forged wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty and 1 year finish warranty, so you can be confident in your purchase. See APEX's full terms and conditions.

50% Off Replacement Wheels

Do some serious damage to a wheel that’s not covered under warranty? No worries. Curb rash or even totally mangling a wheel in a car accident is covered by our APEX360° program. We offer replacements for wrecked wheels at 50% off our standard prices. See APEX's full terms and conditions for more details.